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Vocational Training Programs

Industry Certification Examination Preparation Training

Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) is a Master Approved Provider of training in support of  the international trade certifications from IIEI Certification

The university’s certification exam training courses were developed to the school’s highest academic standards. They provide a rich hands-on learning experience covering the knowledge requirements set forth by IIEI Certification for each certification. The courses go far beyond just preparing individuals for their chosen certification exam. They provide in-depth knowledge and skills in demand by employers today.

Multi Purpose: All courses prepare individuals for their industry certification exams and also provide hands-on practical vocational training with in demand job skills sought by employers. All courses accredited college courses that can be part of an accredited degree program.

  • Prepare for industry Certification Exams
  • Career training for job skills and knowledge – vocational certificates
  • Practical college credit courses

Regardless, if you came to the university to acquire job skills or knowledge such as export compliance regulations, or to prepare for taking an industry certification examination required for employment, or you seek to earn a vocational certificate to bolster your credentials or are seeking to complete a degree, Dunlap-Stone University is here to help.

Vocational Certificates Programs for the International Trade Industry

We offer twelve career-enhancing online vocational training programs tailored to support individuals seeking help in preparing for various industry recognized international trade certifications. From entry-level to advanced training, there is a training regimen targeting your needs.

“Open Enrollment” into Vocational Programs

There is no vocational program application or special program enrollment process to begin pursuing any of the vocational certificate programs.  You simply enroll under “Open Enrollment”  in any of the courses at the university if you meet the school’s General Admissions Requirements. That includes the all courses that comprise the various vocational programs shown below without applying for formal admission to the university so long as you meet the school’s General Admissions Requirements.

Classes start regularly year round, with some courses being offered more frequently than others. Check with an enrollment Advisor for class start-dates or visit our Classes Starting Soon section on this web site.

Special Needs – Job Training

Our programs were developed with two very special additional objectives in mind. First, to provide defined courses of study that meet the requirements of state and federal government financial-aid, workforce development or assistance and grant programs. With unemployment at record levels in the U.S., the school wanted to ensure that our training met governmental vocation training criteria to help retrain America’s unemployed workers. Second, for individuals wanting a clearly defined vocational course of study targeting specific knowledge requirements and jobs, such as those in trade compliance fields.

Which vocation program is right for you and your career?

Our Vocational Training offerings consist of the following Program offerings:

Vocational Training Program Title

(Click Individual Program Titles below or at left sidebar for course details)

Program Length (weeks)


Experience Level

Studies in Exporting 6 Entry-level
Studies in Freight Forwarding 24 Intermediate
Studies in International Trade Finance 18 Intermediate
Studies in International Trade Documentation 18 Intermediate
Studies in International Trade Logistics 24 Intermediate
Studies in Importing 18 Sr. Experienced – Import Compliance
Studies in International Trade Administration 42 Senior Experienced
Studies in International Trade Marketing 24 Senior Experienced
Studies in Importing” plus Three Open-Enrollment Courses 36 Senior Advanced – Import Compliance
Studies in U.S. Export Compliance 24 Senior Advanced – Export Compliance
Studies in International Traffic in Arms Regulations 36 Senior Advanced – Export Compliance
Studies in International Trade Management 60 Senior Advanced

All courses are six weeks in length. Read about how our online program works here. Typically, courses are scheduled sequentially, one class following the next. However, in some instances depending on the program may have a break or waiting period in between classes. Check with an Advisor to determine your schedule.

Because all of the courses we offer are accredited college courses, should you decide, you can apply them, as appropriate, to either an Associates or Bachelor degree at our school. Ask an Advisor for more details. (800) 474-8013 Outside U.S. & Canada 1+602-648-5750.


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